Meet Angel B Hakim


Angel B. Hakim, is a Master Spiritual Life Coach, holds a B.S. in Psychology, and M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. She is a spiritual medium who practiced for many years as a Spiritual Analyst, working against the forces of spiritual evil. As a gifted intuitive and Reiki Master, she works with her clients while using her gift to support and guide them down life's path to wellness and success. She was born with the gift of the Clairvoyance and works with the spirit in White Light. 


Guiding You Down Life's Path To Wellness and Success

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The power of the mind in positive thinking and having power over one's life. The power in the manifestation of change in one's own life.  Knowing how to Ask Believe and Receive! Using the spiritual laws of transformational thinking to bring about positive change for you as the individual.  The power of visualization and positive thinking can bring about amazing change. Angel teaches you how to look at life from a different perspective and achieve the mental power to make positive and forward-moving decisions. Decision making requires the appropriate thought process to bring about positive change.  

The body can be affected by spiritual warfare and tends to manifest its strength during the night when you are asleep. The subconscious is very powerful and can manifest symptoms during sleep that are anxiety or spiritually related. Spiritual attacks that manifest during the sleeping hours and feel as though your body is not being cooperative. There is an involuntary movement that you feel but cannot explain. Your stomach rumbles and sounds as though it were making strange noises. You don't have energy and doctors can't explain why.   Your eating habits have declined, you are not exercising, and you are not taking the time to rejuvenate your spirit. Taking care of the body is an equal part of the Trinity( Mind Body & Spirit). Checkups and regular doctor visits are important in staying healthy. Exercise is also a necessity and should be a part of our regular routine. It is so important to keep the chakras aligned it is an integral part of spiritual alignment.

Spirit is the very essence of our existence. The essence of those who have crossed over and come to bring healing messages for those living in the physical world. The guide provides the connection for the spiritual medium to share those healing messages.  It is the life force that enters the physical at birth that is our unique spiritual blueprint in this life and the next. It is the internal power that fuels the mechanism within. It provides a connection to divine guidance. One has to be gifted to operate in spirit and help others to find healing. Understanding how spirit and identity are connected can help individuals to understand their place on this earth and the spiritual connection. There is a peace that needs to be in the spirit of you the individual. If your spirit is feeling unrest you need to know why.
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