Angel’s first book, "Angel's Walk With God" takes you on a journey in the deep south where she faced obstacles on her road to true independence. Daughter of a Prophet/Spiritualist well known across the United States. Angel Hakim lost her father at the age of 12, her rock, educator and Spiritual Guide that prepared her for the rough road of life ahead from Savannah to New York.

Strength, fortitude, self-determination, and courage were all necessary attributes this young flower of Savannah Georgia needed to endure, survive and escape the grip of domestic abuse. Order your copy signed by Ange today and you can also Order Angel's book for Kindle here:

Angel's walk with God

  • Angel Hakim has finally completed her first book and will be accepting pre-orders. Customers will be able to pre-order her book from her store in advance of and after her launch, to receive a signed copy.