Each bead corresponds to a specific chakra with its healing effects. Wear these healing bracelets and receive energies from the stones. Put a drop of your favorite essential oil in the lava stones on the bracelet.


Each bracelet stone and accessory combination is different in its design and Chakra stone placement.

Healing Chakra Angel Wing Bracelet1

$28.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
Bracelet Wings, Bracelet No Wings
  • Location of your Chakras

    • 1st root - Base of the Spine
    • 2nd Sacral -Lower abdomen, lower back and below the navel
    • 3rd Solar plexus - between navel and base of the sternum
    • 4th Heart -the center of the chest
    • 5th Throat - the base of the neck
    • 6th Third eye -between the eyebrows
    • 7th Crown -top of the head

    Combination of Chakra stones may vary

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