Kwanza means "first" relating to "First Fruits" Kwanza was created in 1966 by Maulana Karenga a Professor of Pan-African Studies at California State University. Kwanza became very popular and celebrated by African Americans in the 1980s until today. Kwanza does not replace Christmas and begins on the day after Christmas on the 26th of December and lasts for seven days. Each day has a different and positive meaning to live by:

  1. UMOJA-Unity (the name my Kwanza candle is named after)
  2. KUJICHAGULIA-Self Determination
  3. UJIMA-Collective work and responsibility
  4. UJAMAA-Cooperative Economics
  5. NIA-Purpose
  6. KUUMBA-Creativity
  7. IMANI-Faith


Kwanza - UMOJA - Candle

Candle Sizes
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